FN 3.1 Verbena Endurascape PRIMARY all american selections
We welcome the first bicolor in the EnduraScape series

Our new Blue Ribbon Verbena for spring features a bit of a twist—it’s the first bicolor in the EnduraScape series. ‘Pink Bicolor’ is radiant with soft pink blooms that darken to a deeper pink shade at the center. These pink-on-pink pompoms pop against the dark green foliage 3-D style. Each flower in the cluster appears to have its own glowing halo.

A well-deserved halo, we might add. Endurascape is one of the best Verbenas in the garden. It’s our go-to for Verbena, as it isn’t prone to cycling in and out of bloom like other varieties. Once established in a bed it’s a very low-maintenance plant, simply requiring infrequent watering during hot spells. Be careful of heavy clay soil though, as the roots may be subject to rot if they stay wet for extended periods of time.

FN 3.2 Verbena Endurascape 3 all american selections
Pink-on-pink pompoms pop against dark green foliage

‘Pink Bicolor’ blooms long into the summer to brighten beds, borders and edging. Verbenas in this series are vigorous, sturdy spreaders so they look lovely overflowing from large planters and hanging baskets as well.