PAN Cool Wave Morpho 01
‘Cool Wave Morpho’—a truly trailing Pansy

Our Blue Ribbon ‘Cool Wave Morpho’ could be on the cover of a magazine—it’s that pretty. PanAmerican considers Cool Wave to be a truly trailing Pansy. There are several spreading Pansies that can cover the soil, but a real trailer is hard to find, and this is one of them.

‘Cool Wave Morpho’ is suitable for both Spring and Autumn plantings—it’s one of the earliest plants to return in Early Spring due to some Viola within its breeding. Cool nights deliver the deepest color in the blossoms. As the temperature warms up, the blooms start to show lighter colors and a broader yellow eye.

PAN Cool Wave Frost
Elegant Pansy ‘Cool Wave Frost’

Another Blue Ribbon Pansy that’s very elegant is ‘Cool Wave Frost’. This cool season mix of light blue, light lavender, and clean white leaves very little green peeking through the Pansies. All of the flowers have faces, with eye-catching kitten whiskers and tiny yellow eyes. Viewed up close we can see the delicate hairs that edge the center petals like dainty white eyelashes. ‘Cool Wave Frost’ is another truly trailing Pansy that’s great for lush baskets and combos—it also works as a groundcover.