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Juncus ‘Blue Arrows’ is great in combinations

We’re fond of Blue Ribbon Juncus—we use it often in combinations and planters, especially those that face a little cold weather. For vertical interest that can handle the cold, consider Juncus ‘Blue Arrows’. Although Juncus is a rush, it’s surprisingly drought tolerant and can handle the rough climate that combinations experience occasionally. It performs well in heat, full sun, and shade.

These same traits make Juncus a good choice for garden beds. It’s evergreen for most of the year so the vertical interest lasts, and it tolerates both wet and dry conditions, staying in place with no winter maintenance.

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Strong vertical interest

‘Blue Arrows’ is a popular variety due to its soft blue-green sheen and stiff bristle look. It grows about three feet high in its mature state but only around a foot wide. The blades are dense down to the crown so it doesn’t require additional plantings to hide knobby knees or twiggy stems.