Pansies for Hanging Baskets

FN 1.4 PAN Wonderfall Lavender Picotee Shades
Hanging Pansies brighten any spot

Hanging baskets of Pansies have gone from blah to rah in a few short seasons. We credit this surge in popularity to two Blue Ribbon Pansy series: Freefall from Floranova and WonderFall from Syngenta. Both bring a fresh new look to this staple décor element for early spring.

To understand why, it’s important to note how the breeders changed the Pansy. In the past, Pansies in hanging baskets failed to impress. This was mainly because of the way the flower was structured—it sat over the foliage and looked upward. For the best view it was necessary to look down over the plant. Obviously, this strategy was a no-go for hanging plants.

FN 1.5 PAN Wonderfall Blue Picotee Shades
Showy with dense blooms

Fortunately, Pansies are part of a very adaptable genus, and they can be molded almost like clay. In this case, the breeders redeveloped some key facets of the plant. First, they coaxed the Pansies to grow outward rather than upward. Blossoms that used to raise their faces toward the sun now bend, nod, and lean as the growing tips ramble out of the base.

Pansy breeders have also provided us with more growing tips to ramble. Early plants stood tall and straight, growing neatly in place. Newer varieties branch out with vigorous growth for a bustling network of Pansy stems that are dense with blooms.

FN 1.2 PAN Wonderfall Rose Shades w face 0002
Buds and more buds ready to pop

When breeding for certain traits it’s also important to know which qualities to keep. All Pansies, including the new spreading varieties, re-bloom like sharks’ teeth and this is a valuable asset. A quick glance under any random Pansy flower reveals another bud waiting to open. When the first bloom fades or is rain-damaged, it falls—just as the second one pops up and unfurls.

Pansies have the extraordinary ability to re-bloom fast and furiously. It’s a key reason why they’re so popular in the garden bed: their carpet of color regenerates with no additional maintenance. Of course, this hands-off feature makes Pansy baskets all the more appealing.

Create some extraordinary hanging baskets this season with our lovely selection of Blue Ribbon Freefall and WonderFall Pansies:

  • Freefall Golden Yellow
  • Freefall Lavender
  • WonderFall Lavender Picotee Shades
  • WonderFall Purple with Face
  • WonderFall Rose Shades with Face
  • WonderFall Yellow

FN 1.1 PAN Wonderfall Yellow Red Wing 0001