WonderFall Pansies for Early Spring

FN 1.3 blue picotee container
‘Blue Picotee Shades’

We have a beautiful trailing Pansy for early spring—the Blue Ribbon WonderFall series. These vigorous plants spread up to three times more than traditional Pansies and are covered with big blooms throughout fall, winter, and spring.

Pansies are important to the early spring garden: they provide cool weather color, plus we use them to fill in around groups of flowering bulbs. With their large flowers, long blooming nature and trailing habit, WonderFall Pansies fill in quickly and keep the color going well after the bulbs have quit for the season.

FN 1.4 rose shades container
‘Rose Shades with Face’

FN 1.5 rose shades blooms
A fresh spin and still as charming as ever

As you may have noticed, these plants put on quite a show all by themselves. Their unique shades put a fresh spin on this garden classic while keeping it as charming as ever. We’ve chosen three selections that pair nicely with Daffodils, Tulips, and Hyacinths—as well as with cool weather foliage plants like Lettuce, Mustard, and Kale:

  • ‘Blue Picotee Shades’—large blue and cream flowers
  • ‘White’—large clear white flowers
  • ‘Rose Shades with Face’—large rose flowers with white faces

Hanging baskets, window boxes, large raised planters—all are effective ways to show off these pretty spilling blooms. Remember as you plan your designs that WonderFall Pansies spread about 24–30 inches, so space them appropriately.