Pansy Primer

the big ones
Pansies—the backbone of early spring gardens

There’s a good chance that it will be snowing throughout the early spring this year.  Now you know why Blue Ribbon Pansies are the backbone of early spring gardens—they shrug off this kind of weather without any extra maintenance. When it does warm up they quickly perk up and start blooming, putting on a good show all over again.

Here’s some good advice for early spring color: the trick is to present Pansies as…well, interesting. Everyone thinks of them as good ol’ Pansies, the same old-same old—“same as they ever were,” to quote a song.

The truth about Pansies is very different. A lot of new and interesting varieties have entered the playing field. We now see a greater range and depth of color, habit, and showmanship than we have in the past.

Pansy Basics

pansy basics
Clear ‘True Blue’ attracts attention

We like gardens of clear color. For a bed that gets noticed from a distance, go with ‘Spring Matrix Yellow’ or ‘Deep Orange’, or ‘Delta Premium True Blue’. These flowers feature bright clear colors that flash with the sun.

pansies style

Pansies with Style

For a fancier look, go with ‘Matrix Sunrise’. It has a jewel-toned flower that’s very sophisticated for a Pansy. ‘Cool Wave Blue Skies’ is the picture of a country garden in deep azure blue with a touch of yellow. A third Pansy that comes to mind is ‘WonderFall White’, for simple elegance with a vigorous, spreading habit.

classical pansies

Classic Pansies

If you prefer your Pansies with faces, go with ‘WonderFall Blue Picotee Shades’ or ‘Yellow with Red Wing’. We also recommend the more subtle, lovely ‘Matrix Blue Frost’.

And a Great Mix is . . .

grea mix
A mix of colors to accommodate a range of designs

‘Matrix Clear Mix’. If you can’t decide which colors to use, this mix has all the key players. It does a great job of welcoming spring with abundant blooms—plus, your favorite color is bound to be in there.