Spreading Pansy ‘Cool Wave White’

FN 3.1 PAN Cool Wave White 0008
White—a great neutral to add to early spring combos

Clear, pure white flowers create a classic spring look, so for easy spreading color we recommend the vigorous Blue Ribbon ‘Cool Wave White’ Pansy. Trailing out of a hanging basket it’s the picture of elegance, with tiny yellow eyes and very light whiskers adding delicate finishing touches.

Cool Wave is the top choice for spread, color, and fill when it comes to Pansies. This series outlasts standard varieties in the cool and sometimes blustery weather of early spring. As a matter of fact, Cool Wave performs longer into summer from a spring planting than any other Pansy on the market.

In addition to hanging baskets we use Cool Waves in the ground, as well as in raised planters and all types of containers. White is a great neutral to add to spring combos.