Nicotiana ‘Starmaker Deep Lime’

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Complementary ‘Deep Lime’ lets companion plants shine

‘Starmaker Deep Lime’ is an interesting color in the garden—it’s a great complementary plant. Rather than stealing the show it enhances a design, especially when used with shades of purple/violet to red/violet on the color wheel. For example, ‘Deep Lime’ pairs nicely with another Blue Ribbon Nicotiana, ‘Perfume Deep Purple’.

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Pretty star-shaped blooms on bushy, upright foliage

Yellow-green clusters of small, star-shaped blooms illuminate the bushy foliage, while the upright nature of the plant lends structure and form to the garden. ‘Deep Lime’ grows a versatile 12–14 inches tall and spreads about 10 inches.

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Graceful plants stand up to extreme heat and humidity

It works in full sun to almost full shade but prefers part sun to part shade. Heat and humidity are of little concern—‘Deep Lime’ has been bred to stand up to such extreme conditions. Overall it’s very low-maintenance, but the plants like to be fed so be sure to put some slow-release fertilizer on them when planting and/or follow up with periodic liquid feed.

These pretty bright green blooms are nectar-rich, attracting butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds to the garden. Because it is in the Nicotiana family, however, most pests will leave ‘Deep Lime’ alone.

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Nectar-rich blooms emit a gentle fragrance in the evening

Another favorite trait of Nicotiana is that it emits a gentle fragrance in the evening. We like to take advantage of this and use it near pools or patios where family members or party guests can enjoy the relaxing aroma after hours. Go ahead and use ‘Deep Lime’ in borders, containers, or window boxes—it also makes a sweet smelling, season-long groundcover.